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Full transparency in cold storage

Challenge: improved flexibility and costeffectiveness of existing fleet.

Solution: material flow analysis, fleet management system covering all sites, complete truck maintenance.

Products: STILLReport, FleetManager 4.X, full service package.

At Duisburg-based food logistics expert HAVI Logistics, intralogistics specialist STILL is in charge of maintaining all industrial trucks operating in the company's temperature-controlled warehouses under a full-service lease. With the help of the web-based software tools STILLReport and STILL FleetManagerTM 4.x, as well as a pool system, which has been specially developed for Havi Logistics, forklift truck deployment at all logistics centres in Germany can be managed optimally and fl exibly.

Havi Logistics – In the food services sector, HAVI Logistics is the top logistics provider for the catering industry and leader in the fi eld on all the world's continents. In Europe, the American logistics provider supplies customers in the catering and convenience sectors, such as McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, German fastfood chain Nordsee and the Italian restaurant chain Vapiano, from its 66 distribu- HAVI Logistics. Full transparency in cold storage 1 — STILL I HAVI LOGISTICS tion centres.

Torsten Oldhues, Managing Director of Havi Distribution Logistics Germany: "We have successfully managed the transition from forwarding agent to a logistics provider operating in a range of temperatures and established ourselves as market leaders in 'Food Service Logistics'. To ensure greater flexibility and costeffectiveness at our eight logistics centres in Germany, we have worked with STILL to develop an innovative pool system for industrial truck deployment. Together with a full-service leasing contract, we are now able to enjoy greater planning security and improved cost calculation. Furthermore, internal operational expenditure for the provision of industrial trucks has been noticeably reduced."

Full-service lease

Instead of an automated system, 280 trucks deliver intra-company transport and flexible picking across a wide range of food articles. Torsten Oldhues: "When it comes to challenging deep-freeze applications, unrestricted availability of the fleet is the key requirement in delivering efficient logistics. Increased flexibility and lean structures are essential to our in-house processes. And we generally place huge emphasis on safety and cost-effectiveness. This allows us to achieve a fast throughput with STILL's industrial trucks without any costly material handling. The flexibility in terms of equipping the trucks also played a pivotal role when it came to the decision to work with STILL." A full-service package that has been specifically tailored for Havi Logistics will see STILL take over all maintenance tasks for the trucks. Essentially, this full-service agreement means that STILL will assume all repair risk as well as planning, carrying out and monitoring all required service, maintenance and testing tasks. This will involve a shift in all financial responsibility and risk from the customer to the provider. Head of Rental & Used Forklifts at STILL's Krefeld subsidiary, Michael Waury, adds, "Optimal servicing and care increases our forklift trucks' availability. However, should a product suffer a technical fault, the full-service contract ensures that we can get a technician to the site as quickly as possible."

Innovative pool system

An additional safety net is in place in the shape of STILLReport, which Havi has incorporated into its IT system. The web-based software tool from STILL offers full transparency across the entire fleet of forklifts at all eight sites in Germany. Displays showing the trucks' current status, as well as detailed analysis functions for the fleet, provide information on trucks' efficiency and form the basis for the innovative pool system. Here, it will no longer be the case that each truck is assessed, and billed, depending on its individual performance.

Instead, a pool covering all sites will be set up as a basis, so that hours can be collectively logged for all industrial trucks used in each truck class. Torsten Oldhues: "Previously a full-service contract was Sector: food service logistics Company: around 1300 employees in Germany. Around 240 owned trucks. Leader in catering and convenience sector logistics. Challenges: improved flexibility and costeffectiveness of existing fleet. Solution: material flow analysis, fleet management system covering all sites, complete truck maintenance. STILL products: STILLReport, FleetManager 4.X, full service package. STILL's new deep-freeze cabins on its FM-X reach truck guarantee optimal visibility on all sides. Using the pool system, trucks can be deployed quickly and effectively in Havi's logistics centres. 2 — STILL I HAVI LOGISTICS signed and invoiced for each forklift truck over the entire usage period and using the total operating time. Additional hours were charged separately. This new 'pooling' system allows the overall operating times for truck groups to be used as a basis, which means any major differences are cancelled out if some individual products are used more or less than others. As such, the forklift trucks in question can simply be transferred between logistics sites in order to achieve optimal use of hours."

Equipped for use down to minus 30 degrees

FM-X 25 reach trucks, CX 20 order pickers and EXU S24 electro low-lift pallet trucks with driver's stand-on platforms are the core industrial truck models. After examining the range of products supplied by Havi Logistics in the dried, fresh and freezer sections, all industrial truck models designed for use in deep-freeze zones were equipped for use in temperatures down to minus 30 °C. Some of the FM-X 25 trucks were even fitted with a heated cabin for operation in deep-freeze areas. The drivers of these forklift trucks are thus able to safely work in such areas over extended periods almost without restriction.

Active load stabilisation, energy recovery, Blue-Q, Curve Speed Control and safety light

Depending on the mast and its equipment, the FM-X model is able to lift up to 1000 kilograms to the highest shelf height thanks to its high residual load capacity. And to ensure faster pallet turnaround, STILL has fitted the reach truck with an Active Load Stabilisation (ALS) function. This system allows an automatic equalising pulse to quickly stop any oscillations when loading or picking at great height. Michael Waury: "This allows rack processing times to be shortened by up to 80 percent, thus significantly increasing turnaround rates." Energy is generated when the driver brakes and energy savings of up to ten per cent can be made at the touch of a button – without any drop in performance – with the 'Blue-Q' efficiency mode.

The steering-angle dependent 'Curve Speed Control' ensures increased levels of safety when tackling bends by automatically and gently reducing speed. And the LED-based safety light warns drivers of oncoming trucks by projecting a beam of light on to the floor. Furthermore, in areas where there is a risk of collision, an additional sheet-metal covering has been added to the FM-X's chassis to protect it from the harsh realities of everyday use.

Access control, reducing impact damage

Access is managed using the STILL fleet manager and a data card. Each driver has data stored on their card stipulating access level, rights or speed restrictions. In addition, special shock sensors save any data in the STILL FleetManagerTM 4.x should any impact damage occur. Torsten Oldhues: "If the industrial truck is hit, the truck will simply remain stationary or switch to creep speed. Only selected individuals can then unlock the industrial truck for normal function with a PIN. This allows us to guarantee a significant reduction in damage to the doors and shelves." Moreover, all truck information is recorded in real time and transferred to the business software where it can be evaluated using a range of different application options.


Material handling is designed to support maximum capacity. However, a variable number of industrial trucks also delivers maximum work-rate flexibility. "The fullservice truck leasing pool system we have developed in partnership with STILL is a solution that is effective across the board. Together with the STILL Report and STILL FleetManagerTM 4.x, as well as the performance-enhancing product features, this flexible and cost-effective intralogistics set-up opens up more opportunities for everyone involved," a happy Torsten Oldhues summarises.


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