Electric Forklift Truck RX 60 2,5 - 3,5 t

The Accelerator

  • Exceptional performance: highest handling performance of its class
  • Easily accessible: highest range with one battery charge
  • Ideal workstation: spacious cabin with STILL Easy Control on-board computer


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Make the most of the smart performance offered by an exceptional accelerator. Right from the start the RX 60-25/35 will win over any operator with its perfect balance of power, ergonomics, manoeuvrability and energy efficiency. It is not only a high performer – it is one of the very best: the RX 60-25/35 boasts optimum handling rates in weight classes of up to 3.5 tonnes. At the same time, this intralogistics powerhouse can reach speeds of 21 km/h and is a top performer when it comes to range, offering the highest range per battery charge in this segment. Choose our STILL lithium-ion technology and you can run three shifts with your forklift truck without a replacement battery.


Whatever your needs, the RX 60 can be operated intuitively and precisely in any situation. And thanks to the quick-start mode, this nimble truck is ready to start work as soon as you sit down in the spacious driver’s cab. Here, you will also find yet another outstanding feature – the STILL Easy Control on-board computer. This tool gives you direct access to key performance functions and provides a constant overview of all the relevant vehicle information. Go electric with a forklift truck that delivers the very best performance every second and in every application.

The RX 60 2,5 - 3,5 t in detail


  • Intuitive handling: standard, easy-to-use operating concept across the whole RX product line
  • Efficiency-enhancing: easy entry into a highly ergonomic driver’s cab
  • STILL Easy Control on-board computer: all relevant information at a glance and performance functions just a click away
  • Ultra-fast: easy-to-operate lateral battery change


  • Safe and precise handling: high-precision hydraulics and agile driving dynamics
  • Safe entry: large handle, anti-slip rubber mat and wide step
  • Optimal panoramic view: slim mast and extra-large windows
  • Systematic safety: optional pre-shift check on the display to help with the daily safety inspection
  • Safety for every application: wide range of additional equipment options – from a direction indicator on the display to the
  • Safety Light 4Plus safety lighting, as well Curve Speed Control for automatic speed reduction when cornering


  • Optimum networking: optional interface for integration into fleet management software such as STILL neXXt fleet
  • Controlled use: optional access control protects against incorrect operation


  • Intralogistics powerhouse: highest handling performance of its class
  • Performance boost: sprint mode for peak performance at the touch of a button
  • Optimum energy efficiency: exceptionally long range with each battery charge
  • Lift and accelerate faster than ever: available as a high performance variant with extra-powerful drive and lift motors
  • Intelligent support: traction control and other assistance functions
  • Ready at all times: optional STILL lithium-ion technology for maximum availability


  • Flexible control options: multi-lever, mini-lever, Fingertip or Joystick 4Plus
  • Adjustable performance dynamics: parameters such as driving and lifting speed can be adjusted to personal preferences at the touch of a button
  • Operating power tailored to your specifications: wide variety of equipment options for every application

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  • Manual RX 60 2,5 - 3,5 t PDF, 57 MB Download
  • Operating instruction RX 60 2,5 - 3,5 t Explosion protection PDF, 54 MB Download

The document provided for download is the updated version of the operating instructions for the standard truck. It does not include descriptions of customer options (Customer Option). For a concrete truck, please request the respective specific manual according to the serial number and the year of production from the STILL spare parts service.

Model Overview

Maximum capacity (kg)
Maximum lift height (mm)
Travel speed (km/h)
Battery voltage (V)
RX 60-25 / Li-Ion 2.500 7.390 20 80
RX 60-25/600 / Li-Ion 3.066 7.390 20 80
RX 60-25L / Li-Ion 2.500 7.390 20 80
RX 60-25L/600 / Li-Ion 2.500 7.390 20 80
RX 60-30 / Li-Ion 3.000 7.390 20 80
RX 60-30L / Li-Ion 3.000 7.390 20 80
RX 60-30L/600 / Li-Ion 3.000 7.390 20 80
RX 60-35 / Li-Ion 3.500 7.390 20 80